Mar 24

“Ancestors” by Kiro Urdin, Miami FL

The award-winning Macedonian artist and filmmaker Kiro Urdin will present “Ancestors” at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center’s Amadlozi Gallery in Miami. The exhibition will remain open until Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

Sat, Apr 22, 2023 at 6:00 PM
6161 NW 22nd Ave, Miami, FL, 33142

May 01

The painter Kiro Urdin became French Knight of Art and Literature

A special ceremony for awarding the decoration was held at the residence of the French Ambassador in Skopje, HE Cyril Bomgartner, who referred to the fruitful and unique creative path of Kiro Urdin.

Feb 22
Feb 22
Nov 01

New book on Kiro Urdin by ArtPremium

Kiro Urdin – Planetarism Movement is out now

Dec 08
Dec 07

Kiro Urdin’s documentary film ‘Dogona’ to be shown at the Museum of Macedonia

Kiro Urdin’s documentary film ‘Dogona’ will be shown to the Macedonian audience on Wednesday 12 December 2018, as part of the “Spirits of Africa – West African Ritual Art” visiting exhibition which will be taking place at the Museum of Macedonia.

Apr 29

Kiro Urdin awarded for lifetime achievement in documentary film

On 2nd June Kiro Urdin will be officially preseted with the lifetime achivement award “Frédéric Rossif” for documentary film-making at the South East European Film Festival in Paris. His most recent feature documentary “Life and Death” will be projected at the event.

Apr 26

New Exhibition by Kiro Urdin at MM Gallery

Solo exibition featuring Kiro Urdin most recent artworks is opening tomorrow in MM Gallery, Brussels.

The exibition will be open from 27.04 to 20.05 at MM Gallery.

Feb 01
Nov 11
Dec 11

Kiro Urdin’s Work to be featured Tom D. Jones Gallery

Works by Kiro Urdin will be exibited in Tom D. Jones Gallery in Knokke, Belgium, opening 16 December.

Dec 10

Upcoming Kiro Urdin Exposition in Louise Gallery in Durbuy

Kiro Urdin’s work will be on display in Louise Gallery in Durbuy starting 15 December - 14 March.

May 01

Kiro Urdin upcoming exibition in MM Gallery, Brussels

A solo exibition by Kiro Urdin will take place between 6th May – 12 June in the MM Gallery in Brussels featureing his latest works. In addition there will be a promotion of his new book “Planetarism Movement” as part of the exibition opening.


Feb 22

Planetarism Movement – upcomming book from Kiro Urdin

“Painter, photographer, sculptor, poet, film-maker, writer… Kiro Urdin is a TOTAL ARTIST.

Over the course of his career, his work has taken him across the whole world, and even into some hostile and improbable places. That is the essence of his project Planetarism: driven by a desire to decipher life’s mysteries he embarked on a mystical worldwide journey to test his own limits.
Throughout it, the artist has produced a body of work that is constant ponderation of man’s psyche and his future in a world ruled by greediness and egoism.”

ARTPREMIUM MAGAZINE spring / summer 2016

Aug 08

Four new books of aphorisms by Kiro Urdin

Tabula Phrase, Walls, Perpetuum Debile, Fear are the titles of the four new books of aphorisms by Kiro Urdin.

May 25

A rare ’91 interview for Ars Nova by Kiro Urdin and Leo Castelli

Ars Nova Magazine coverage of the ’91 Tokyo Art Expo featuring interviews of Kiro Urdin and Leo Castelli.

May 24

Kiro Urdin to recieve Aster Award 2015 for high achievements in documentary film

At 27.05 Kiro Urdin will take part as a Lauerate in this year’s edition of the AsterFest International Film Festival. Kiro will address the audience about his experiences as a director of documentary films. as part of the award ceremony where he will be presented with the Aster Award for high achievements in documentary film.

Apr 01

Kiro Urdin @ MM Expo 26/04 – 28/6

Kiro Urin will exibit on MM Expo from 26/04 to 28/6.

Kiro Urin will exibit on MM Expo from 26/04 to 28/6.

May 22

Kiro Urdin to exibit at Ningbo Museum of Art in China in June (7 – 12)

Kiro Urdin to exibit at Ningbo Museum Group Exibition, China form the 7th to the 12th of June

May 22

Kiro Urdin to exibit at Mousche Gallery LA Group Show

Kiro Urdin will participate at a Mousche Gallery LA Group Show.

Mar 17

The Tribes of Omo Valley

The following photos are taken by Urdin during his visit of the Omo Valley.

Oct 30

Island of Life and Death: Upcomming film by Kiro Urdin

Kiro Urdin’s latest effort is a feature documentary filmed on various loctions in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. It will be the third installment in Kiro Urdin’s African wildlife trilogy along with his two previous films, Water and Fire and Two Times.
Written and directed by Urdin himself, the crew consists of his long-time collaborators: cammera by Brand Fero, soundtrack by Venko Serafimov, editing by Vladimir Petrovski – Karter, and Ivan Mitevski serving as an art consultant.
Currently in post-production stage, it will be released in the near future and will be premiered at international film festivals.

Aug 27

Two Urdin’s Films on the New York Film Festival

Two Films by Kiro Urdin ‘Steps’ and ‘Debbie Wilson & Planetarium’ to be featured on the New York International Film festival – LA Edition as part of the official selection.  ’Steps’ will be competing in the genre of experimantal film, while ‘Debbie Wilson’ is featured under art film documentaries. The festival opens on Sunday, 18th [...]

Jun 26

Kiro’s New Book ‘Planetarium & Planetarism’

Kiro’s new book ‘Planetarium & Planetarism (2013)’ is out and available at ISSUU containing his most recent works, and more thoughts on the planetarism movement!

Jun 26

Kiro’s new book ‘Ghosts’ available on ISSUU!

Kiro has written another book in his aphorism series. It’s titled ‘Ghosts’ and it’s one of the best books he’s written so far.

Apr 17

Kiro Urdin recieves the Golden Ladybug 2013 Award for Lifetime Achievement

You can watch the full video here:

Nov 27

Kiro Urdin’s Movie Planetarium Wins at Wildlife Vaasa International Film Festival

Source: MIA - Macedonian Information Agency -

Kiro Urdin’s Movie “Planetarium” won the Ostrobothnian Museum’s Artistic Award at the Vaasa International Film Festival 2012 in Finland.

Jan 28

Kiro Urdin recives the Giant Panda Award

Source: Macedonian Film Fund -

Kiro Urdin is presented the Giant Panda Grand Prize by the Chinese Ambassador Cui Zhiwei for his documentary “Two Times”, which won Best Natural Environment Film award at the China International Animal and Nature Film Festival.